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Credit Card not Accepted
Credit Card not Accepted

What to do if your credit card is not accepted to fund your account

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Review the credit card details that were submitted and check for any errors, below is a list of common errors*.

  • Cardholder Name

    • It should match what is listed on the card

    • Giftbit Recommends: Omitting the company name if included

  • Card Number & CVV

  • Mailing & Billing Address

    • Apartments/Suites may need to be entered with a hyphen

      • 103-711 ABC Street

    • Postal Code may require a space between the first three and last three characters

      • XXX XXX

  • Phone Number, some numbers may need to be entered with a hyphen

    • 123-456-7890

*The card provider may activate a security restriction after multiple unsuccessful purchase attempts.

💡 Reach out to your credit card provider or Bank to confirm payment details, why the purchase was declined and remove any restrictions that were placed

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