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Credit Card not Accepted
Credit Card not Accepted

What to do if your credit card is not accepted to fund your account

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Review the credit card details that were submitted and check for any errors, below is a list of common errors*.

Billing Information is incorrect

When entering card details, make sure that everything was entered correctly. Even one small mistake can result in the card being declined. Double check:

  • Cardholder Name

  • Billing Address

    • This is the address connected to the card

    • Be aware of hyphens if the address includes them

  • Card Details

    • Make sure number, expiry, and CVV/CVC match

Insufficient Funds

If the card does not have the funds to cover your purchase, the card will be declined.

Credit Limit Reached

Some cards may have restrictions such as daily limits or a limit on the max amount that can be spent in one transaction. Check with your bank to confirm these details.

Bank Declined Transaction

Your bank may cause the decline as they want to make sure it was you who placed the transaction.

*The card provider may activate a security restriction after multiple unsuccessful purchase attempts.

πŸ’‘ Reach out to your credit card provider or Bank to confirm payment details, why the purchase was declined and remove any restrictions that were placed

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