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Expiry Dates & Unspent Value

Expiry information for Gift Claims, retailer gift cards, and Visa Incentive Cards

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Giftbit Rewards and Links

Giftbit offers for a reward are specific for a period of time and are selected by the sender. Once the expiry date has been reached the unclaimed reward or link will no longer be redeemable for retailer gift cards or Visa Incentive Card. Giftbit cannot alter the expiry period or reinstate expired unclaimed rewards or links.

Retailer Gift Cards

Recipients should refer to the terms & conditions on each retailer gift card for details about the expiration of cards or value.

Prepaid Visa Incentive Cards

  • Balance of the Visa Incentive Card both virtual and physical must be spent by the expiry date displayed on the Visa Incentive Card.

  • A Visa Incentive Card once expired cannot be reissued or reinstated and any unused balance at the time of expiry becomes void.

  • Visa Incentive Cards expire at midnight UTC on the last day of the displayed month

    • A Visa Incentive Card with an expiration date of 09/21 will expire at midnight UTC on September 30, 2021

💡Spend the card prior to the final expiration date to avoid the midnight UTC expiration.

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