Got a bunch of contractors that you are trying to pay? Paying them all, one-by-one just isn't going to cut it. That's where our bulk payment option comes in to save the day. Follow our step-by-step guide below and you will be a bulk payment master in no time.

Step 1

On your dashboard select the 'Batch Payment' button in the green section.

Step 2

Download the CSV template we prepared for you. 

Once you have your template all prepared, save it in a safe place. 

Then, upload it.

Step 3

Next if you need to make any modifications to your payment or reason for payment you can do that here. You can even delete a payment if need be.

 Then select the 'Send Payment Now' button and you're all done!


  • Multiple lines in your CSV for payments to the same contractor will be combined into a single payment with line items.

  • You can mark any payment/line item in the CSV as a reimbursement.

  • You can include new contractors that you have not previously paid and we will automatically invite them to create their Gig Wage account and accept your payment.

Using When I Work? Check out the Gig Wage / When I Work integration.

Have a question or concern? Send us a message via our live chat in the bottom right corner of this window.

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