If you use When I Work for contractor scheduling, streamlining your contractor payroll process is now quick and easy with the Gig Wage - When I Work integration.

In this article, we'll take you through the process of utilizing the integration.

First, you'll want to follow this detailed article from When I Work on how to Review, Finalize and Export Payroll.

Following the steps in that article, pay special attention to the Payroll Export step. Choose the option to export payroll to a Microsoft Excel file:

Once you have the payroll export file downloaded, log into your Gig Wage account.

From your dashboard, click the Batch Payment button:

Then, click the Upload Batch Payments CSV button and select your When I Work payroll export file.

Gig Wage will automatically detect the When I Work file and prepare the batch accordingly.

You will have the opportunity to preview the batch and make any changes before reviewing.

If everything looks good, hit the Send Payments Now button and Gig Wage will begin processing the payments.

Any new contractors you are paying for the first time will receive invitations automatically to create their Gig Wage accounts.

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