There are several ways to use the Gimi App:

Piggybank. The Piggybank does not contain any real money. The amount shown corresponds to how much money a parent owes a child. Parents can freely deduct or add to the balance in the piggy bank. Children can also deduct from the balance at any time.

Linked bank account. If a parent has connected the child's bank account to the Gimi app, we display the actual balance in the app. All deposits to this account are a transfer of real money to the bank account. Please note that bank connection is only available in some countries.

The Gimi Card and Vault. If you already are using a Gimi Card, then be aware that the money on the Gimi card and in the vault is real money. To use these features, a parent needs to already be a Gimi Master subscriber. We have currently closed the option to upgrade to Gimi Master for new users.

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