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Authorize and PayFlow ACH, Default Transaction Limit, Gift Count in Reports
Authorize and PayFlow ACH, Default Transaction Limit, Gift Count in Reports

Learn about ACH support for Authorize and PayPal

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eCheck (ACH) support for Authorize CIM and PayPal PayFlow Pro

Authorize CIM and PayPal PayFlow Pro are now available as payment processors. This means you can use them for advanced giving and checking account (ACH) transactions as well as recurring payments and credit card support.

ACH payments, also known as e-checks, are made directly from the donor/registrant's checking account. If you want to start accepting ACH payments, verify that your gateway account is configured to allow checking account transactions and then notify Kimbia support so we can configure your gateway appropriately.

Default Transaction Limit

We have added a default transaction limit of 1,000,000 of the specified currency to reduce frivolous gateway activity. Donors will receive an error message indicating that the amount of the donation exceeds the limit. If you have specific gateway limits that you would like to enforce or are aware of legitimate large incoming transactions, contact Kimbia Support to modify the transaction limits.

Gift counts available in Financial Transactions reports

Financial Transactions reports now support the ability to tally the total number of gifts made in a single form response.

Add the gift count column to an existing Transactions report:

  1. Navigate to Campaign > Data Management > Saved Reports.

  2. Locate the appropriate report and click the Edit icon.

  3. In the 2. Format As... section, click +Add Column on the right side.

  4. In the Edit Column window:
    a. In the Select a category dropdown, select Response Details.
    b. In the Select a column dropdown, select Gift Count.
    c. Click Save.

  5. Click Save Changes in the top right of the report page to save your changes

  6. Click Run Report in the left menu to run the report.

Enhancement and Fixes

Every product has issues and we are continually working to improve the Kimbia platform. In this release, we have addressed over 20 bugs and made significant enhancements to performance.

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