Elavon Gateway FAQs

Learn the information GiveGab Enterprise needs to configure Elavon as your gateway in the GiveGab Enterprise platform

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GiveGab Enterprise typically uses webpage, the default user ID created by Elavon. If the account used by Kimbia to process transactions has a different name, then substitute that name for webpage. For example, the username may be MyNonProfit_Webpage. This user account is different from the admin account and has limited permissions. 

Elavon Overview

Elavon (ConvergePay) is a Payment Gateway for GiveGab Enterprise. The Transaction options associated with Elavon are: Advanced Giving, Recurring Payments, and Credit/Debit Card Transactions. Credentials required to use Elavon include: Merchant ID, User ID, and PIN. 

Important: Credential information is highly confidential and should not be communicated to GiveGab Enterprise via email The most secure way to provide this information is over the telephone directly to GiveGab Enterprise Support. Call them at 512-474-4447 and choose option 1. 

How do I find my Merchant ID?

The GiveGab Enterprise platform needs your Elavon account number to add Elavon as a gateway. You will find this ID in the top-left corner of the Elavon Converge terminal screen labeled Account.

Which User ID do I need?

You will need to create a new User ID within Elavon Converge for GiveGab Enterprise. Typically, this user ID is webpage.

Where do I find my PIN?

If you have more than one terminal assigned to your account, you need to make sure that the PIN you are using corresponds to the correct terminal. 

In Elavon Converge:

  1. Select the User tab at the top of the page.

  2. Select Change Pin from the list of options.

  3. In the list, find the correct Terminal Name and copy the pin number for that terminal.

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