Turkish Lira and Emojis

Learn about prefilling forms, turkish lira support, and emojis!

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Prefill information on forms

This release sees the introduction of improved support of response tags to support prefilling registration and donation forms. Using aunique URL link, returning donors and registrants can quickly complete repeat donations, registrations, and follow-up surveys. The uniquelink contains a Secure Access Token or a {{prefillId}} response tag that will render the form prefilled with donor/registrant inform-ation, including payment information, donation/registration levels, and personal information.

Donor/registrants will still need to provide the correct address verification information used on the original form to confirm the paymenttransaction. Donors/Registrants will also have the option to choose a different payment method or change their previously enteredinformation during the process.

Turkish Lira Support

Turkish Lira is now supported as a currency by GiveGab Enterprise. In order to use this feature:

  • Verify your gateway supports the currency.

  • Create a new campaign or import a copy of an existing campaign, select the currency for the campaign from the dropdown list when prompted.

Donors can now include emojis in text fields

With this release, donors can include emojis in the text fields on their forms. However, in order to see the emojis from a report in Excel,you will need to download your reports in .xls format instead of .csv format.

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