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Improved Multilingual Support

Learn about improved Multilingual Support on GiveGab Enterprise

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Thai Language Support

Thai is now included as one of the languages supported by Kimbia. In order to use this feature:

l Create a separate form for each language

l Provide a separate location for hosting each of these forms

l Include a mechanism on your site to allow donors to choose the correct language

Supported languages, other than English, are:

l Spanish l French l Dutch

l Japanese

l Mandarin Chinese

l Korean l German l Thai

To change a form to a language other than English:

  1. Navigate to the Form List tab then select the appropriate form.

  2. Select the Form Details tab.

  3. In the Donation Form Details section, click Edit.

  4. Select the appropriate language from the Language drop down list.

  5. Click Save.

Note: Error messages and prompts from the GiveGab Enterprise system to complete the forms are generated in the selected language. GiveGab Enterprise does not dynamically translate the form content. It is up to you to provide questions and content for forms and emails in the appropriate language. 

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