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Vantiv (formerly known as Litle) FAQ

GiveGab enterprise recommends the following best practices for using payment gateways with the GiveGab Enterprise platform. The following are GiveGab Enterprise recommendations only and you should verify if they are the correct approach for your specific needs prior to implementing them.

Transaction Options: 

  • Recurring payments 

  • eChecks (ACH)

Tender Types:

  • Credit Cards

  • Debit Cards

  • Checking Account (ACH)

Credentials Required:

  • Presenter ID 

  • Merchant ID 

Presenter and Merchant ID

GIveGab Enterprise processes transactions using our static Presenter ID on your behalf. There are two steps to implementing Vantiv as your GiveGab Enterprise gateway: 

  • Contact Vantiv to authorize GiveGab Enterprise as a presenter on your behalf using the KimbaNT presenter ID. 

  • Provide GiveGab Enterprise with your Vantiv Merchant ID.

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