Paypal Extended Payment Options and Receipting

Learn about using PayPal and Print-Ready Donation Receipts on GiveGab Enterprise

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Who loves Paypal? We do, we do! Grab that cup of coffee and take a few minutes to learn about our exciting updates with payment options and receipting—plus our new status support page

  1. Paypal Checkout is now available on GiveGab Enterprise forms - Make giving even easier with expanded payment options that now include credit card, ACH and Paypal Checkout for organizations using the Payflow pro gateway. You can include a toggle between the payment options for a seamless donor experience. Plus, donors who give through Paypal can do so easily because our Paypal integration pre-populates their information directly into the GiveGab Enterprise form.

  2. Give your donors a print-ready copy of their donation receipt - PDF receipts are now available and can be attached to automated emails sent through your GiveGab Enterprise donation campaigns. This makes it easy for donors to quickly download, print and file the donation receipt for their records and tax purposes.

If you would like help configuring Paypal or receipting, email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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