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My Bank Account has changed, what do I need to do with regards to GiveGab?
My Bank Account has changed, what do I need to do with regards to GiveGab?

What to do if your bank account information for GiveGab Enterprise has changed

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If your organization has or is going to be changing bank accounts, you will need to make sure that the bank account information is updated within the payment gateway associated with your GiveGab Enterprise account.

We recommend reaching out to your payment gateway provider (Sage/Paya, Cybersource, Authorize, Paypal, etc.), and asking them about the process to update your merchant account with the new bank account information. Once everything is updated within your merchant account, you are good to go!
If your associated payment gateway is Stripe, the process to change out your bank account information on GiveGab is quite simple. When you are ready, someone from our CS team will clear out the current information on the backend. This will cause the "Add Your Bank Account" section of your GiveGab profile to reset and allow you to enter in new information. Once you enter in the new information, just as you did the first time, Stripe will reverify the account information and make your account donatable again.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to

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