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Enterprise Platform Updates - 2018

Release Notes for the GiveGab Enterprise Platform

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Week of November 19, 2018


  • Multi-give Form internationalization support
    - System level language related to donations to designees

  • Connect RFI form submission to Donation Category Creation
    - Necessary to support future Donation Category and Designee creation for Multi-give forms

  • Upgrade jQuery from 1.9.1 to 2.2.4
    - remove deprecated functions and references

Bug Fixes

  • Designee Label returning blank for recurring transactions on report [FIXED]

  • SSL certificate configuration blocks Form Chooser Preview [FIXED]

  • Paypal config combined with multi column layout prevents form from displaying [FIXED]

Week of October 29, 2018


  • Change Reporting Column Label
    -  '
    Donation Specific Refund' changed to 'Donation Designee Refund'

  • Show Stripe Transaction fee in the Admin UI for anywhere payment events or payment details are displayed

  • New Financial Transactions report templates
    -  Refunds Report
    -  Declined Transactions (per Gateway)
    -  Declined Transaction count by IP Address

  • Log outbound emails sent
    -  Displayed on the Donation/Registration Details screen for both initial and re-sent emails

  • Upgrade JQuery version
    Security Requirement

  • Secure payment token migration tool
    -  for Sage to Stripe only

  • Stripe Payout Support tweaks

  • Preview for Form Chooser widget

Bug Fixes

  • Decline Transaction Report: Navigation to Transaction Details page causes Oops Error [FIXED]

  • Previewing P2P 'Fundraiser Reminder Email' Displays Incorrect Content [FIXED]

  • Report Column Value Transformations to 'Yes/No' Appear as ‘True/False' in dowloaded .xls file [FIXED]

  • Email Preview - Initial Receipt Email & Refund Receipt Email branding incorrect [FIXED]

  • Duplicate Refund Allowed - Concurrent submission on PayflowPro Gateway [FIXED] 

  • Registration Limit Ignored - when combining numeric limit with date based availability [FIXED]

  • Stripe Gateway: Refunds are not associated with Connect Account [FIXED]

  • Stripe Gateway: Transaction Fee is Incorrectly set [FIXED]

Week of October 1, 2018


  • Improve load time of 'Overview' screens
    -   Campaign, Form & Organization overview screens
    -   Asynchronous load the historical data sections
    -   optimize the indexing of historical data for 'Last 7 Days', 'Last 30 Days' and 'All Time' columns

  • Implement Stripe Processor webhook for ACH returned payments
    -    track returned ACH payments on the 'Donation Details' screen
    -    expose returned ACH payments as discreet records in Financial Transactions report

  • Implement Stripe Processor Payout Date
    -    display the Payout Date and time on the 'Donation Details' screen
    -    expose the Payout Date and time as a column under the 'Money' category in Financial Transactions report

Bug Fixes

  • Remove 'Send to SalesForce' icon
    -    impacts only long-term clients who previously had a configuration prior to this feature being deprecated [FIXED]

  • Old campaign name displayed in Data Management section
    -    If a Campaign name was modified after a report had been created, the old name would display in certain scenarios  [FIXED]

  • Duplicate email address on multiple payment plans can lead to incorrect card charges on Authorize.Net
    -    in the rare case that payment plans for different individuals were created using the same email address, Authorize.Net would charge all payment associated with the common email address to the most recent card number [FIXED]

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