You may have a few partners wanting to list your donation form link on their website or you may want to email the link out to donors, and would like to keep track of those donations. 

If you are interesting in tracking where donations are coming from, consider using our Automatic Data Capture feature:

1. On your main Campaign Management page that the form is listed under, click on the Form List tab.

2. From your list of Forms, click on the Form you would like to add this feature to.

3. Click on the Form Details tab.

4. Scroll down to the section labeled "Automatic Data Capture."

5. Click Edit on the right-hand side.

6. Click on Add Rule on the upper right-hand side.

7. Create the rule for source variable "s" to store its value in the Reporting Metadata under the key of "source."

8. Click Save, and you've added it to your form!

Now when you distribute the link to the form you can add "?s=____", where the ___ is the source you're reporting on, to the donation form link. 

For example: if you had the donation form link of, and wanted to email the link out and track who is coming in from the email vs the website, you would add "?s=email" to the end of your donation form link emailed out. The link would then be, and the data would report back "email" as the source.

You will need to update your reports to include this new information, if you are interested in tracking it. 

In order to update your report, simply add a new column. This will be in the Advance Data Fields Category, with the column being Snippet Metadata, and you need to add "source" as the Metadata Key. 

This will report on what you make "?s=___" in your link. If you had "?s=email" at the end of your link, the report would say "email" in that column.

If you have any questions about the Automatic Data Capture feature, please email

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