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Enterprise Platform Update - Feb. 4, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - Feb. 4, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Stripe Payout Reporting Enhancements
    Include additional adjustments to payout timing to correlate with Stripe reported dates and times

  • Extend 'Search' capabilities to find campaign, form and widget components
     Added the ability to search by:
    - Campaign name, prefix & reporting code
    - Form name, suffix, ID & reporting code
    - Donation Level/Registration Type reporting codes
    - Ancillary Widget ID's (ex: Form Chooser, Advocate Look-up)


  • Form widget displays incorrect error message for PayflowPro error code '23' - [FIXED]

  • Answer Records Available in Financial Transactions Reports - [FIXED]

  • Auto Renewed Installment Email Notifications do not list correct Renewal Date - [FIXED]

  • Disabled client still receiving scheduled reports - [FIXED]

  • Appending #tabID to URL for Form Chooser does not select correct tab - [FIXED]

  • Annual Auto-renewed Installment payments will not process as valid Installment plan - [FIXED]

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