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How can my sustaining donors update their payment information?
How can my sustaining donors update their payment information?

How to use the Donor Self-Service Widget

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Sustaining or Recurring donors can update their payment information through the Donor Self-Service Widget. 

This widget allows the donors to update their billing address information and the credit card used for their plan. Additionally, donors have the option to temporarily suspend their recurring donations. If donors would like to stop the recurring charges, they will need to contact you to do so.

If you have not set up the DSS Widget on your website, please look at this article.

Once the DSS Widget is on your website, your sustaining donors will have access to it.

How donors update their information:

First, donors will need to go to your website page where the Donor Self-Service widget is. There should be a box that prompts them to enter in their email address for their sustaining plan:

If the email they provide is valid, they will receive the below message:

They will receive an email from "Self Service Connection Information" with a link to their recurring plans:

When they click the link they will be brought to a list of their recurring plans that they can edit. To edit one of their recurring plans, they will need to click on "Ongoing Payment" or "Installment Payment" under "Description":

This will allow them to see all of the payments that have been made, the payment information associated with the plan, and when the next charge date is/if it is suspended. Here they can update their billing address, and also update the card associated with the plan by checking the box next to "Also update payment method":

They can also temporarily suspend their schedule by choosing a date with the calendar button next to the "Suspend Until" box, and then clicking the "Suspend Schedule" button. Again, donors can only temporarily suspend their sustaining plans; if they want to permanently stop the plan they will need to contact your team to do so.

If you have any questions about the Donor Self-Service Widget, please reach out to  

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