Sage/Paya Gateway Decline Codes

Where to locate Decline Codes if utilizing a Sage/Paya Gateway

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If your organization utilizing a Sage/Paya payment gateway to process donations, it may be helpful to understand the gateway's decline codes so you can assist any donors having issues when attempting to give. ย 

Typically, the result message will provide some insight as to why a donor's card was declined, like a CVV mismatch or Invalid Expiration Date.

The result message may be DECLINE_GENERAL: DECLINE, which may require some investigation on your end to see the true reason for the decline.

To see the Decline Code, within the donor's Donation Details page, scroll down to "Associated Transactions" and click on the transaction code:

This will bring you to the Transaction Details page. At the bottom of the Transaction Details section, there is a dropdown you can click for Gateway Information:

When you click on it, the details provided by the gateway are displayed. The decline code is listed next to "Code." Here you can see the code is 000051, which is an insufficient funds decline according to Sage/Paya:

If you ever have a question about why a transaction was declined, please reach out to our team at

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