The Importance of AVS and CVV

The importance of AVS and CVV and their Success/Decline Codes

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Enabling AVS and CVV helps reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. AVS is Address Verification System; it ensures that the billing address entered when attempting to make a donation matches the one on file for the card issuing bank. CVV is Credit Verification Value; it ensures that the card is actually on hand at the time of the donation.

With your gateway, you may have different security settings that you can enable for AVS. You can allow transactions to process with:

  1. An exact address match (both address and zip code)

  2. A partial match with just the address

  3. A partial match with just the zip code

With option 1, anything that is not an exact match with the card issuing bank will cause the transaction to be declined. With options 2 and 3, if none of the information matches, the transaction will be declined.

Enabling CVV means that the code must be an exact match, or it will decline.

Typically, the reason for the decline will be noted within the donor's Donation Details underneath the Associated Transactions section. Some common decline messages for AVS and CVV errors are:


  2. DECLINE_CVV: Decline CVV2/CID Fail


The DECLINE_AVS: AVS FAILURE messaging may take some further investigation to figure out what part of the address is failing. For this, you will need to look at the gateway's response for the donor's transaction. 

On the donor's Donation Details page, scroll down to the Associated Transactions section and click on the Transaction Code:

It will bring you to the Transaction Details page. To get more information about the decline, click on the "Gateway Information" dropdown:

Here, you will see the return messages from the payment gateway. You'll notice there there is a CVV_INDICATOR/cvv code and AVS_INDICATOR/ avs code. The AVS Indicator code is "G," which means the donor's card issuing bank does not participate in US-Based AVS:

Domestic AVS Codes:

If your payment gateway accepts International transactions, here are the International AVS Codes:

CVV Codes:

If you have any questions about AVS or CVV codes, please contact our team at 

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