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Enterprise Platform Update - July 15, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - July 15, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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Written by Ashleigh Alldredge
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  • Optionally Hide unused/old reports
    on the 'Saved Reports' screen

  • Shorten Proactive Email Notification window
    from 60 days to prior to expiration to 30 days

  • Charge Calculated fee on individual installments of Installment plan

  • Display 'Result' status of individual 'Email Log' entries
    on 'Response Details' screen, status are 'Delivered', 'Failed' or 'Complaint'

  • Clarify Form Overview Screen when Test Mode data is configured to be included


  • Clicking Transaction Code link incorrectly displays previously viewed transaction details [FIXED]

  • Card expiration date won't update [FIXED]

  • Prepend Transaction IDs sent to Authorize/Paypal with 'GG-' [FIXED]
    NOTE: The 'GG-XXXXXXX' value is viewable within Authorize.Net reporting only. It cannot be passed directly to PayPal reporting due to limitations imposed by Authorize.Net's integration with PayPal.

  • Recently updated forms incorrectly show 'All Time' total in 'Active Forms' on overview [FIXED]

  • Form Previews for recently created forms with Installment plans enabled display 404 Error [FIXED]

  • Attempting to create forms with Installment plans enabled produces a 500 Error [FIXED]

  • Newly created 'Goals' incorrectly include 'Calculated Fees' in total [FIXED]

  • Stripe Failed/Returned ACH payments does not have a correct status on transaction [FIXED]

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