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Enterprise Platform Update - August 5, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - August 5, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Add unformatted decimal option for transaction based 'Response Tags'
    intended for use in in 3rd party vendor tracking codes/pixel URLs

  • Add 'Payment Gateway' column to Payment Schedule report template

  • Automatically enable Conversion Metrics for newly created forms when Conversion Metrics is enabled at Campaign

  • Add 'Stop Delivery After' date to report 'Scheduled Delivery' configuration

  • Add 'Next Payment Date' value to the Payment Schedule Details page

  • Add 'GG-XXXXXXX' invoice number to Transaction Details screen
    for transactions processed through PayPal on Authorize.Net only

  • Exclude form conversion data from known bad IP submitters

  • Additional detail added to 'Mail Log

  • Add 'Mail Log' detail reporting columns for individual 'Form Answer' report records

  • Implement Card Connect payment processor


  • Obtuse error message displayed when updating credit card on payment plan [FIXED]

  • 'Additional Charges' for Stripe transactions are not appearing [FIXED]

  • 'Oops' error when editing 'Campaign Details' for newly created campaign [FIXED]

  • A new campaign's default Goal incorrectly includes Calculated Fees [FIXED]

  • Report Filter applied to 'Payment Gateway' column not working [FIXED]

  • Incorrect "Charged to Date" $ amount displayed on Installment payment receipt [FIXED]

  • Change "Charge Ongoing Fee" label to & "Charge Installment Fee"  specifically for Installment Plans [FIXED]

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