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Enterprise Platform Update - September 5, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - September 5, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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Written by Ashleigh Alldredge
Updated over a week ago


  • Add specific 'Form Response Status' to Form Answers report
    values will display as 'Processed', 'Failed', 'IP_Blacklisted', or 'Valid'

  • Make Organization API and User API keys searchable

  • Add ability to export/import individual form via standalone *.kgp file
    available on the 'Form List' screen of any campaign

  • Add unique 'Reply To:' email address per Org  & Campaign Email Branding
    optional; emails will use the 'From:' address if not configured

  • Add inline responsive CSS to Fundraiser Personal Image widget <img> tag

  • Add ability to count by 'Schedule ID' to Payment Schedule Report for summary report

  • Add Payment Schedule Upgrade Widget

  • Log & display changes to payment plans on Schedule Details screen

  • Send email notification for changes to Payment Schedules
    emails will be sent if the Payment schedule is updated in the Admin Panel, via the Donor Self Service widget and by the Recurring Upgrade widget

  • Prepare Double the Donation Widget Code for Deployment


  • Question Names containing '|' prevent forms from submitting [FIXED]

  • P2P Signup form we create during campaign wizard are multipage instead of single column [FIXED]

  • Creation Date in Payment Schedules Report is incorrect for Renewed Installment Plans [FIXED]

  • Clarify Form Overview screens inclusion of Installment Payments yet to be charged [FIXED]

  • Team status widget breaks when campaign is copied [FIXED]

  • Remove Button not available to remove recently updated Goals [FIXED]

  • Peer-to-Peer Report Template links are incorrectly mapped [FIXED]

  • Duplicate Name error produced when attempting to upload Donation Categories [FIXED]

  • signup_email_log_details is not being populated [FIXED]

  • Transmitting Incorrect Card Type to CyberSource [FIXED]

  • Mailgun integration processes all mail as both a Report and a Signup [FIXED]

  • Return ACH Date not  in Reporting [FIXED]

  • Test Mode Transactions not appearing in Reporting when Test Mode Filter is removed [FIXED]

  • Import Donation Categories: Buttons misplaced [FIXED]

  • CDP Support Tab Missing Icon [FIXED]

  • Schedule Report Template: Add 'Schedule Start Date' [FIXED]

  • Team Status Widget is Not Showing Teams and Totals  [FIXED]

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