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Enterprise Platform Update - September 30, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - September 30, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Organization Admins can report on designee data within Form Answer type reports
    for donations to Multi-give forms only

  • Organization Admins can manually generate 'Reset Password' URL

  • Organization Admins can suppress Payment schedule change email notifications

  • White-label Partner Admins can Whitelist Organization IP addresses

  • Store DoubleTheDonation Private & Public key values at 'Organization' level

  • Pass explicit flag with Stripe recurring transactions
    for Stripe payment gateway customers only


  • Queue for issuing charges should be transient, not persistent (to prevent accelerated charges) [FIXED]

  • Peer-to-Peer Report - Duplicate "Credit Card Result" filter when creating a financial P2P Report [FIXED]

  • Unable to delete duplicate questions from form that use reserved names [FIXED]

  • Unable to upload personal image via Confirmation Screen on Peer-to-Peer Registration form [FIXED]

  • Display Payment Schedules Upgrade Widget for Organization Admins [FIXED]

  • Updating Address on payment schedule in error status does not reactivate the schedule [FIXED]

  • Creation of payment commitments on older gateways fails during schedule creation [FIXED]

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