What does "Communication Error" mean?
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Occasionally, you may see a few failed transactions that have the message "Communication Error." 

This does not mean that there was an issue with the donor's card or that your forms are not working; this means that there was an issue on the Payment Gateway's end that caused the transaction to fail.

A "Communication Error" occurs when:

  1. Our Platform cannot secure a connection to the Payment Gateway, due to the gateway potentially experiencing some downtime

  2. The connection to the Payment Gateway timed out before fully processing the transaction

In rare cases, a transaction that lists "Communication Error" as the reason for the failure is actually processed successfully. What occurred is the connection to the gateway timed out and the gateway did not communicate to our platform that the transaction was approved. If you notice this has occurred for a transaction, please reach out to our team at enterprise-support@givegab.com, so we can change the status of that transaction to reflect the correct gateway response. 

If you have any questions about Communication Errors, please reach out to our team!

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