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Enterprise Platform Update - October 14, 2019
Enterprise Platform Update - October 14, 2019

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Double The Donation default Global Question
    ​A Global Question was added to all Organization Library > Global Questions section to facilitate easy deployment

  • Double The Donation Private + Public key values stored at Organization level
    Each Organization can validate and store their account keys on the platform

  • Refund receipt custom message supports more than 255 total characters


  • Oops error received when searching for organization name containing specific characters [FIXED]

  • Empty <label> tag triggers error in WAVE accessibility browser tool [FIXED]

  • Double The Donation: Send Public Key in form response object [FIXED]

  • Update Recurring Plan: Bad Credit Card Info causes PLATFORM_ERROR [FIXED]

  • Fix misleading filter titles in default financial transaction reporting [FIXED]

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