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Enterprise Platform Update - March 16, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - March 16, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Change "Card Number:" label to "Card Ending in:"in email receipt
    to prevent SPAM filtering of messages in certain email services

  • Remove duplicate donor First & Last Name on single donor/registrant email receipt

  • Add ARIA attributes to Form section <label> tags
    for better Assistive Technology and screen reader support

  • Improve newly created Password complexity requirements
    applies only to new Admins or when changing passwords of existing Admins

  • Add ability to 'Preview' Org-Level Form Chooser Widgets

  • Display Form ID and Organization ID on details screen
    visible to Partner level Admins only


  • Recurring charges fail on gateway 'Drivers' when updating from Suspended to Active status [FIXED]

  • User entered smart quotes stored in Database use data mismatch in report values and filters [FIXED]

  • Incorrect payment fields displayed when toggling between Form Chooser tabs of Forms with different payment methods [FIXED]

  • Dollar signs and first character missing on transaction amount on Confirmation screens in iOS [FIXED]

  • Confirmation Messaging for Installment Plan Displaying the Incorrect Total Charge-to-date Amount [FIXED]

  • Payment Schedule 'End Date' are incorrect in Schedule display + Email is displaying incorrect payment count [FIXED]

  • Platform Oops Error (500) Received when clicking into recently updated Registration [FIXED]

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