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Enterprise Platform Update - April 14, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - April 14, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Form Import/Export/Copy now includes Advanced Calculated Fee schedules
    Specifically when applying a 'Fee Schedule' based on the specific answers to a 'Yes/No' or 'Multiple Choice question 

  • Donor Self Service widget snippet should accept credentials via parameter
    Optional configuration option based on an organization's security policy

  • Limit the 'Routing Number' and 'Account Number' fields to specific character counts on form payment fields for Checking Account

  • Remove Unnecessary formatting from Advanced Email Template
    to improve mobile responsiveness and better support custom Organization/Campaign Email Branding

  • Optionally suppress the "Your Information" section of receipt emails when using Advanced Email Template

  • Add Billing First Name and Billing Last Name Fields as separate columns on Payment Schedules Report


  • 500 Error produced when clicking the "Return Check" button [FIXED]

  • CardConnect Processor throwing exceptions during form submission [FIXED]

  • Financial Transaction report Filters incorrectly being applied to Form Answers reports [FIXED]

  • Platform Error received when updating Account Information for Ongoing Plan [FIXED]

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