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Enterprise Platform Update - June 25, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - June 25, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Hide Donation Level Description input when Donation question format Is "Dropdown Menu"

  • Expand and clarify 'Response Tags' lists to better display complex elements

  • Add Icon to Saved Reports screens to identify report type (ex. Form Answers / Financial Transactions / Payment Schedules)

  • Allow "Auto Data Capture" Rules to be set on the "Form Presets" in Library

  • Ability to search on the custom Widget name (Form Chooser, Team Status, etc.)


  • Multi-give Form: Subtotal does not recalculate if pre-set default donation amount is manually zeroed out by user [FIXED]

  • Widgets: The "Edit" column on certain widget blocks contain no link [FIXED]

  • Remove the "Remove" column for Miscellaneous Widgets block [FIXED]

  • Multi-Year Annual Installments "Total Number of Payments" not calculating correctly [FIXED]

  • DoubleTheDonation Search Box only appearing in first form of Form Chooser Widget [FIXED]

  • Payflow Pro Processor: "Checkout URL" is incorrectly required in order to submit to PayPal [FIXED]

  • Include system metadata in XML data feed [FIXED]

  • "&onbeforesubmit=" callback not firing for Form Chooser [FIXED]

  • Hyphenated Form names do not render proper Search results [FIXED]

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