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Enterprise Platform Update - July 21, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - July 21, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Special Settings - Display tab for all Organization Admins, Display GuideStar Data Icon only if previously configured

  • Add button option to copy form and widget Snippets to prevent manual copy

  • Reflect Chargebacks/Disputes from Stripe within the platform

  • Update JSON Transaction API endpoint to exclude vaulting events by default

  • Data Feed Enhancements for Advanced Giving transactions

  • Expand Installment payment schedule Duration options

  • Donor Self Service Widget - Add Nonce API and usage

  • Create Email Unsubscribe landing page to confirm unsubscribe requests


  • Donation Level Pre-filled with Auto Data Capture Rule does not trigger display of Payment Details [FIXED]

  • State input on unselected tab in Form Chooser widget renders in error state after initial load [FIXED]

  • Default Amount Specified for Multigive form Should Also Pre-populate Regular designees, not just preselected designees [FIXED]

  • Correct payment schedule creation when combined with Advanced Gifts [FIXED]

  • Auto Data Capture Rules rules cannot be added or removed if mapped question is removed before ADC rule is removed. [FIXED]

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