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Enterprise Platform Update - August 14, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - August 14, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Add ApplePay, GooglePay & MicrosoftPay payment options to 'Stripe Processor' via Stripe's Elements.js

  • Add optional 'Name on Card' question for Credit Card in 'Payment Details' section
    โ€‹this is an opt-in feature, creating a required question on the form that cannot be pre-filled by design

  • Allow custom Labels for 'Show Total' and 'Update Total' buttons when Tally Table enabled on a form

  • Enable 'Form Answers' category of data columns for Financial Transactions and Payment Schedule report types
    โ€‹this is intended only for data collected by donation forms, regular registration forms and RFI form. Data from Multi-registration forms is NOT supported.


  • Donation amount erroneously inflating 'Touches' count on Forms [FIXED]

  • PayPal Checkout Reflecting $20 regardless of actual transacted Donation amount [FIXED]

  • CardPointe Gateway transactions persisting in 'Pending' state [FIXED]

  • Auto Data Capture report metadata values not captured in IE 11 [FIXED]

  • HEP Data - Sporadic rejection of donation record submission to HEPData API [FIXED]

  • Removing the question for a Calculated Fee Schedule does not update the fee schedule [FIXED]

  • Cancel of Response records not persisting when navigation away from Response Details screen [FIXED]

  • Display Error messages and disable Submit button for failed Stripe Mobile Payments [FIXED]

  • Update Total button erroneously displays after Mobile Payment selected [FIXED]

  • Admin Panel Search input accepts unnecessarily long search queries [FIXED]

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