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Enterprise Platform Update - September 2, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - September 2, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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Written by Ashleigh Alldredge
Updated over a week ago


  • Add ‘Cancel + Refund’ icon to Donation Details screen
    Using this will execute a Refund first then set the donation to a 'Canceled' status

  • Display Errors and Disable 'Submit' for failed Mobile Payment on Stripe Processor

  • Change to consistent naming convention across all report types for Billing First Name & Billing Last Name columns

  • Add additional events to Payment Schedule Reporting > Schedule Log column


  • Suppress Payment Schedule Notification emails for changes made by Admins [FIXED]

  • Unable to Remove Quantity and Numeric Form Questions on Forms [FIXED]

  • Passing in Donation Category ‘KDC=‘ values by URL or snippet parameter renders a broken Multi-give form [FIXED]

  • Donation Category ‘KDC-XXXXXXX’ passed to Form Chooser widget via URL not being captured by forms [FIXED]

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