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Enterprise Platform Update - October 08, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - October 08, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • Rename ‘Company Name’ system global Question to ‘HEP Data Company Name’

  • Update payment button and description language for Stripe Mobile Payment


  • Recurring Transaction receipt displays incorrect amount per Donation Category Designee [FIXED]

  • Strip Apostrophes from Stripe Statement Descriptors [FIXED]

  • When ‘Consecutive Declines’ is set to 4, Payment Schedule is placed in error after 3rd [FIXED]

  • With Multiple Tender Types on Form and Payment Details toggled to ‘Payment information defaults to contact information, but can be changed’ the additional contact fields do not populate on form [FIXED]

  • In Form Chooser, Mobile Payment Not displaying on all forms [FIXED]

  • Submission bugs with Form Chooser [FIXED]

  • Form Chooser loses track of current tab [FIXED]

  • Preview page is hard coding the embed as on partner branded widgets [FIXED]

  • Apple Pay Statement Reflecting Givegab Inc, rather than customer Descriptor [FIXED]

  • Remove ‘.’ from answer names when creating mustache templates [FIXED]

  • If Checking Account is default tender, Routing and Checking Account # do not render on form [FIXED]

  • ‘Cancel Response’ button not appearing for P2P sign-ups [FIXED]

  • Copying a P2P Campaign with Advanced Teams Enabled will not save Team Name upon Sign-Up Submission [FIXED]

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