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Enterprise Platform Update - October 27, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - October 27, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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Written by Ashleigh Alldredge
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  • Stripe Mobile Payments: Validate Credit Card payment inputs in form on submit when mobile is not selected

  • Stripe Mobile Payments: Add ‘cardBrand’ to metadata for Stripe mobile payments

  • Add Date Filtering for ‘Last Known Update’ column in Payment Schedules Reports


  • Refund receipt language refers to Credit Card specific items even if ACH is payment method [FIXED]

  • Force escape of characters before transmission to gateway [FIXED]

  • None of the above option available on Mobile + CC + ACH form when Tender Types are Radio Buttons [FIXED]

  • Offline Gifts/Recognitions not Adding to Member Totals within Commitment Center [FIXED]

  • MCSR mustache tag includes period in configurator [FIXED]

  • Inconsistent URL render on mobile payment preview forms [FIXED]

  • Verify DSS Widget behavior with Stripe Mobile payment as selected payment [FIXED]

  • Make “Add Non-Admin User” icon available to specific partner branded Organization accounts [FIXED]

  • Add includeCCDetails param to Transaction Feed [FIXED]

  • Response Transaction API displays “cardType”:”STRIPE” but should display “cardType”:”MOBILE” [FIXED]

  • Custom Metadata is not populating in the JSON response feed [FIXED]

  • Reg Ex error forces submit button to re-direct to first page of multi-page form [FIXED]

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