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Enterprise Platform Update - November 24, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - November 24, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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Written by Ashleigh Alldredge
Updated over a week ago


  • DSS widget - Allow payment info updates if 2nd scheduled payment is declined

  • DSS widget - Allow donors to switch from Mobile > CC or ACH

  • Reporting - Alphabetize Campaign and Form name Lists in reporting

  • API v2 - enhance response feed to included CCDetails on transaction object

  • API-v2 - JSON APIs for Transaction, Record and Response feeds should have formatted Date

  • DoubleTheDonation - Include the Public API key as a javascript variable in Global Question

  • DoubleTheDonation - Add “partner_identifier” field to register_donation API call

  • DoubleTheDonation - Form Preview support

  • DoubleTheDonation - Form Chooser Preview support

  • Prevent 1 recurring decline for moving schedules to error status, default to 3

  • Add custom CSS class to Question Config UI


  • Auto Data Capture via Javascript variable does not work for Mailing Address: State menu [FIXED]

  • Log Out - Oops! Error 500 when trying to log out [FIXED]

  • Create MDB queue and processor for Stripe Payouts [FIXED]

  • Form with Stripe Elements with Multiple Registrations Not Creating Stripe Intent [FIXED]

  • Wrong Schedule Updated in Donor Self Service Widget when donor has multiple Active [FIXED]

  • P2P Attributions not Fully Saving when Added via Admin Panel [FIXED]

  • ADC rules cause a validation issue with Donation Level [FIXED]

  • Form Validation Error on ACH Fields when Submitting Mobile Payment on Single Page form [FIXED]

  • DSS widget update address only to gateway & ACH Stripe additional charge is broken [FIXED]

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