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Enterprise Platform Update - January 10, 2023
Enterprise Platform Update - January 10, 2023
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Features Implemented:

  • Add "Next Month" Filter Criteria to Reporting

    • Allows customers to generate a list of Quarterly, Semi Annual, and Annual payment schedules set to charge “Next Month.”

      • Necessary for MasterCard notification updates.

  • Update GooglePay button Styling

  • Auto-Displaying Mobile Button If We Already Have an Amount and an Email from ADC Rule

    • New URL Parameter which allows you to pass in a known charge amount and display the Mobile Pay button without clicking “Show Total.”

  • Form V2: Enable ADC Rules to Pre-Fill Billing Section on Form

  • Update V2 Form Chooser Snippet with DTD Enabled

    • Shortens the V2 Form Chooser Snippet to remove excess code.

  • Combine URL columns in reporting that reference the same date

  • Update Confirmation Email 'Transaction Summary' content to match transaction receipt and Details screen language

  • Form V2: Add Multi-Part Label

    • Allows more flexibility when styling form questions that have labels and pricing elements.

  • Limit ADC Configuration to One Rule Per Form Question

  • Auth0: Expire Passwords

    • Passwords will automatically expire after 90 days and force a user password update.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Prevent changes to Form Chooser type (V1/V2) after creation

  • Attempting to Send "Reset Password" Email from Users List Sends Email to the Logged In User, not to User that was Clicked

  • Closed Message Not Rendering on Disabled Form V2

  • Transaction display for Payment Schedules is broken

  • Add missing Transaction Type column for Money menu in reporting

    • Allows customers to populate information on Stripe disputes.

  • Form Chooser Widgets not Retain Form Version Value Upon Import

  • Can Process a Refund For A Chargeback After Transfer Event has Occurred

  • Cannot Add ADC Rules for Child Questions that are Mailing Addresses

  • Dispute Events Reflecting Date of January 19, 1970

  • Expired Organization-Level Discount Codes Causing Show Tally Setting Forced to "Yes"

  • Auth0: Improve New User Registration for SAML clients

  • Form V2: If ADC Value in Read Only Field Doesn't Pass Validation, Field Returns Error but Cannot Be Fixed, Preventing Form Submission

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