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Enterprise Platform Update - February 23, 2023
Enterprise Platform Update - February 23, 2023
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Features Implemented:

  • Include Google Analytics Variables as Global ADC Rules within Form Presets for Donation, Registration and RFI Forms

    • Sets the reporting metadata parameters as defaults for every customer, so they do not have to add them manually.

  • Form V2: Add css classes ggePrompt and ggePrompt--checked to Acknowledgement Type Questions

    • Allows customers to style Acknowledgement question prompts similarly to MCSR and MCMR question types when selected.

  • Add translations for new languages

    • New languages included:

      • Brazilian Portuguese

      • Danish

      • Italian

      • Russian

      • Swedish

      • Turkish

  • Implement Chariot DAF Payment Processor

  • Auth0: Disable Change Password for SAML Clients

  • Refunds Associated With Initial Charge Date Instead of Payment Event Date

  • Stripe dispute resolution logic

    • Updates logic for won disputes and allows for refunds after the dispute has been closed/won.

  • Control Panel responsiveness improved by cache handling

Bugs Fixed:

  • Widget embedded on a site was unexpectedly scrolling to the form, which was embedded significantly far down the page

    • Add preventScroll: true parameter to focus() to prevent scrolling to the middle of the form.

  • MCSR Select with Other Is Always Validating Other Text Field, Even When Other Is Not Selected

  • Cannot Access Payment Schedules Details Page for Plan with a Stripe Chargeback

  • Auth0: Change password fails if user has never logged in to Auth0

  • Cannot look at Transaction Details Page for Refunds

    • This was an issue specifically with stateless gateway driver implementations.

    • Does not impact stateful payment processor gateway implementations.

  • Cannot Set Default Currency Value without Also Setting a Maximum Currency Value

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