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Enterprise Platform Update - May 3, 2023
Enterprise Platform Update - May 3, 2023
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Features Implemented:

  • Default All New Forms/Widgets to V2

    • V1 is still supported, but moving forward the platform will default the new creation of forms and widgets to V2 in order to transition customers over to utilizing the new form code.

  • Add translations for new languages

    • New languages included:

      • Spanish (Spain) es-ES

      • Spanish (Mexico) es-MX

      • French (Canada) fr-CA

      • Hindi hi-IN

      • Polish pl-PL

      • Vietnamese vi-VN

      • Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW

      • Ukrainian uk-UA

      • Romanian ro-RO

  • New API Endpoint to Generate Reports

  • Reflect Amount Change on Form from Chariot Modal

Bugs Fixed:

  • Saved Changes to Child Questions Removes their Conditionality Settings

    • This was for children of Y/N parent questions.

  • Tally Table not Reflecting Correct Selected End Date for Recurring Plans

  • Organization Email Branding Displays Campaign Branding

  • V2 Multi-Registration Form using Secure Access Token only Prefills 1 Registrant

  • Use Correct Translations for Default Form Fields with New Languages

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