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Enterprise Platform Updates - April 7, 2022
Enterprise Platform Updates - April 7, 2022
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Features Implemented:

  • Form V2: Move "Add Registrant" button underneath Tally Table on Multi-Registration Form

  • Ability to Prefill Multiple Registrants on Multi-Registration Form

    • This is a new prefillData object that utilizes ADC rules to prefill different registrants.

    • This is separate from the Prefill ID.

  • "Balance Pay Off" Button for Installment Schedules

  • Enable Password Resent Email Button for Users

  • Add "Additional Charge" Type to Payment Origin Column in Reporting

  • SAML Integration with Auth0

Bugs Fixed:

  • Form V2:

    • Charge questions not charging.

    • Multi-Give Designees not being passed through tabs in Form Chooser.

    • Tally Table displaying each registrant as a charge.

    • "Other" donation input is not labeled.

  • Password Reset Issues

  • Stripe:

    • Card Type being Listed as Unknown.

    • Payout Date Report Filtering.

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