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Enterprise Platform Update - May 20, 2022
Enterprise Platform Update - May 20, 2022
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Features Implemented:

  • "Discard This Registrant" Button Language Configurable for Multi-Registration Forms

  • Include Response Tags for Subsequent Registrants on Multi-Registration Forms

  • Remotely Defined Multi-Give Donation Categories via URL and Google Sheets

  • Reporting Column for Installment Balances

  • Manual Refresh Button for Forms

  • Form V2: Include Read Only Functionality for Radio Button/Checkbox Questions

Bugs Fixed:

  • New MCSR Global Questions and Changes to Existing MCSR Global Questions Do Not Allow Conditional Child Questions to be Answered

  • Form V2:

    • "Show Total" Button not Populating

    • "Street Address 2" Displaying with Prefill Token

    • Maximum Designees/Registrants Validation

    • Yes/No Question Validation Errors

    • Quantity Question Validation Errors

    • Numeric Question Validation Errors

    • Submit Button Does Not Gray Out

    • Missing <legend> on Donation Levels and Payment Plan Section

    • Accessibility Updates

    • Form Chooser Widget Duplicates Tab Content When Loaded Dynamically Multiple Times

  • Mobile Pay Won't Submit Unless Form Billing Address Provided

  • Mailing Address Questions Ignore ADC Rules

  • P2P Form Fixes

  • Donor Self Service Widget Address Validation

  • Stripe ACH Updates

  • Child Questions Rendering When Parent Isn't Asked

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