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Enterprise Platform Updates - June 22, 2022
Enterprise Platform Updates - June 22, 2022
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Features Implemented:

  • Ability to Re-Order Payment Types on a Form

  • Rate Limiting and Restriction List Controls

  • Child Question Functionality for Yes/No Checkbox Parent Questions

  • Auto Data Capture (ADC) Capabilities to Select Ongoing and Installment Plan Frequency on Form

Bugs Fixed:

  • Mustache Tag Updates

  • Form Choosers Being Excluded from Campaign Export

  • ADC Configuration Updates for Google Sheets

  • Form V2:

    • Charge Questions do not Allow Form to Render

    • kwoDesignee Parameter Causing Designee Label to not Display on Form

    • USA Only Address Questions Still Display Country Dropdown

  • Google Sheets Form "Show Total" Clicks Produces Duplicate Tally Tables

  • Donor Self Service Widget Updates

  • {{postDate}} Tag Includes Timestamp and Timezone Values

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