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Enterprise Platform Updates - August 25, 2022
Enterprise Platform Updates - August 25, 2022
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Features Implemented:

  • API End Points for Payment Schedule Charges and Updates

  • "Manual" Schedule Status

    • Setting schedules in "Manual" status means our platform is not processing the charges automatically, and charges must be pushed through by the organization.

  • Additional Data in formSubmit Response

  • Stripe Web Hook Events for Disputes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Form V2:

    • Payment Fields Do Not Display with "Schedule Future Payment" enabled.

    • Mobile Pay Button Not Displaying with Advanced Giving

    • Date Validation

    • ADC Rules for "Hide" Display Question Label for MCSR Dropdown Questions

    • ADC Read-Only Does Not Work with Donor Specified Amount

    • Bubbles=True for widgetComplete Events

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