Is there a fee to use Globechain?

Members taking items can take as many items as they want for free.

To list and upload items, members pay a listing fee which can either be a pay-as-you-go fee of £10 for every 100 units per category, or if members feel they do listings frequently or it is for a bespoke one-off project, they can be set up as an annual member and have unlimited use of the platform.

Once you have uploaded the item, you will be directed to a payment page.

For more info on pricing and benefits click here.

How does Globechain help charities?

Globechain gives charities free access to goods that are no longer needed by businesses within commercial, retail, health and construction sectors. Charities can take as many  items as they want for reuse, resell, fix or upcycle, rather than having to buy them new - charities have collectively saved £2 million by using Globechain!

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