How do I search for an item?

Type in your criteria under the search boxes on the homepage or under your profile page and search under a specific item name, category, postcode or location. You can also search for items via the categories under the search bar.


How do I obtain an item?

You will need to be logged in to request an item. Once logged in, select the item you want and click the request button. An email will be sent to the member whereby they will email you back. You can then liaise with each other to agree pick up or postage. Please ensure you take precautionary measures to ensure your safety when collecting items on your own.


Why haven’t I received a response to my item request yet?

People will sometimes get multiple requests for a particularly popular item. In these cases, it can take a while for the person to respond to all the requests they receive and unfortunately they occasionally don’t get round to replying to all of them. If the person has decided to give the item to you, they will send you a message to notify you and arrange collection.


I can’t request an item because I have the ‘wrong account type’ - what does this mean?

The organisations which give items away via Globechain sometimes reserve them to be taken by charities and social enterprises only, rather than businesses or individuals. 


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