User authentication failed

In this case you would have seen an error message that said:

Transaction declined: authentication failed. You have not been charged. Please try again or contact your bank if the problem persists. Alternatively, you can change the payment method.

This could happen for a few reasons:

1. The one time pin sent from your bank was entered incorrectly.

2. You did not receive the OTP or authorisation message from your bank to approve the transaction.
3. The OTP or authorisation message sent from your bank was not entered or approved within the required time frame.
4. Your card is not enrolled in 3D Secure.

If you are not receiving the one-time pin or approval message to authorise the transaction, please contact your bank to let them know. You should receive this from your bank or credit card provider by SMS or email.

If you think you may have just entered the OTP incorrectly or didn't enter it in time on the 3D secure page, then we suggest just trying the payment again.

If you've never used your card for an online purchase before, it's possible your card is not enrolled in 3D Secure, in which case you should contact your bank and ask them to please enroll your card.  

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