Step 1: On your dashboard, click on toolboxLogo Maker

Step 2:
Enter the name of your brand or logo, click Start.

Step 3:
Select the theme that describes your brand from the choices given, then click Next.

Step 4:
Select your brand colors, then click Next.

Step 5:
Select an icon that matches your brand. You can search using a keyword. Once done, click next

Step 6:
Change the font of the text by selecting a font on the left menu. You can also use your uploaded fonts by clicking on User's tab.

Step 7:
In the second option on the menu, you can change the Icon's settings

Step 8:
On the third option on the menu, Colors, you can change the colors of your logo. 

Step 9:
Change the layout of the icons and the text of your logo on the fourth option

Step 10:
On the Text option, change settings for the text

Step 11:
Once done, click on SAVE LOGO button to save and automatically download the logo.

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