Process diagram examples

Here you can find some examples of different types of process diagrams. You can use them as inspiration for your own process mapping.

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Value stream map

This is a value stream map that gives an overview of a manufacturing value chain. It is useful to show how your processes fit into your value chain.

  • Events are used both as normal events that start and end the process and as indicators of problems that are being worked on e.g. with A3.

  • Decisions are used to indicate the target duration.

  • A text box is used to show Target Production time and Takt time.

  • Process links are used to navigate to underlying processes and activities. You can always show how other processes are related so you avoid duplicate processes. They open in new tabs.

Use of events and arrows

This process shows a simple software testing process. Detailed work instructions are found on underlying activity pages.

  • Activities that require further instructions are mapped as activities where communication flows are shown with arrows.

  • Events show how the process starts and ends.

Show how a system is part of a process

This process shows how you can add a system role to clarify what your systems do and what people need to do. This is useful when implementing new systems and deciding what to automate.

Overview of processes

This shows relationships between lower-level processes and is useful for e.g. end-to-end process flows. It can also show which processes specific functions or senior executives are responsible for:

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