Processes don’t add value if people don’t follow them. With Gluu’s compliance dashboard you can quickly monitor if processes are updated and if scheduled tasks are done. Here is how it is used.

Getting an overview of all processes

Users with rights to manage processes have a link called “Statistics” in the small header menu (near the profile image). Click this to access the compliance dashboard:

The default view is all processes in your account where you see data from a specific period.

  • Select a period either by clicking the buttons (e.g. “this month”) or a date range. You then see data from the selected period only.

How processes are sorted

Your process list shows your worst performing processes first. This is measured in terms of scheduled tasks that are not being done.

  • Red light = Less than 50% of the scheduled tasks were done in the selected period.
  • Yellow light = Less than 50% of the scheduled tasks were done in the selected period.
  • Green light = More than 90% of the scheduled tasks were done in the selected period.

Sort by column

Click the icon next to the headline to sort your processes by e.g. number of changes. This way you can click identify your best and worst performing processes.

  • Changes lets you see the number of changes to the process or its underlying activities in the period. This can help you to see which processes that are not being improved.
  • Comments lets you see the number of comments and replies to show you if users are actively discussing a process and its activities.
  • Last modified is the date when the process was last changed in any way. Use this to identify processes that have not been improved for a long time.

Viewing the activities of a single process

You can view a single process by a) selecting the process in the dropdown list or b) clicking the process name:

This will show you performance by activity and role. So e.g. if you run a restaurant then you can see if the waiters or bartenders are falling behind with completing tasks on time. If you click the activity name then you go to activity page where you can edit work instructions and tasks.

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