We have an open REST and Hypermedia based web API. You can access this by selecting "API" in the account menu and then using our API browser that let's you browse through entities and understand their relationships:

How to use the API

To use the API you first need to find the information that you want to access. You can then use your token to access our web API. This is a quick tutorial with an example:

Out-of-the-box integrations

We offer ready made integrations to Azure AD and offer out-of-the-box integrations to most services in the Microsoft Azure cloud and Microsoft Graph.

Linking to my own content

Lastly, the Gluu platform is designed so you rarely need integrations. Any system that can provide a web link can be added to Gluu. This means that you can retain highly secure data on your own servers and only allow user access, if your network permits it. We have customers where their suppliers are collaborating on processes within Gluu but not allowed into classified systems within the company’s own network.

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