New processes are added directly to your account’s process hierarchy, called “Processes”. This makes it possible for different users to manage your process hierarchy and your specific processes. 

Important! Only users with rights to manage processes can edit the process hierarchy, whereas Process Owners and Editors can edit all contents of processes.

Creating a process hierarchy

You create a process hierarchy with:

  1. Categories for the main groups of processes in your company.
  2. Groups to make smaller groups of processes within categories.
  3. Processes to show specific flows.
  4. You can view your process relationships and owners by using the List or Connections views.

Adding categories

Scroll to the button of your process hierarchy to add a new category. They are sorted first by number and then alphabetically.

When you have created a category, then it’s time to add groups.

Adding groups

To add groups you should:

  1. Click 'Add group' to add a group into a category. Categories are stacked automatically.
  2. Give the group a name that covers the processes you intend to place here.
  3. Add an image to illustrate the group. You can crop the image simply by clicking on it before uploading.
  4. Click 'Edit group' to change group name.

When you have added a group, then you can start adding processes.

Adding processes

You add new processes either by creating a new, blank process or by duplicating one of your existing processes: 

  1. Click the 'Add process' button in the selected group. The default is that you create a new, blank process. If you want to duplicate another process in the group, then select this.
  2. Now add your ''Process name. We recommend that you use an active form and use your day-to-day language. If you duplicate a process then make sure your new process (and its activities) get new names so you can distinguish them from another.
  3. Then add your 'Process outcome', which is the intended output of the process.
  4. Click 'Add process' to create your process. Your process is now in Private mode, so only you and invited collaborators can see it.

Moving processes

You can always move a process to a new group – simply place the source and the destination category in 'Edit' mode, then click the area indicated below, and drag and drop it to the new group while keeping your mouse button clicked:

Sort categories and processes by name and/or number

Categories, groups and processes are sorted numerically and alphabetically. This means you can either add numbers to categories, groups and the processes within if you want a special sequence, or they will automatically be sorted alphabetically:

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