The Business Matching features allows the event organizer to have cross cooperation with another shop. You can match the product provided by other sellers with your event!

After you log in, you can click Business Meeting here to expand the three options, My Matching, My Open List, and Matching Request.

For the event organizer, you will be mainly using 'My Matching'.

Step 1: Creating Activity for Business Matching

To create business matching, you have to create your activity first.

To know more about creating products, you may read the article, Creating Your 1st Activity

Step 2: Searching for Suitable Products

To match with other’s products with your activity:
Firstly, go to "My Marching" and click ‘Look for New Match' on the top right corner.

Then, select the activity that you would like to do the matching.

You will see a list of your current activities.

After selecting the activity, you can set criteria to search for the most suitable products or you can leave it empty. You can set criteria with 'Price Range', 'Product Category' and 'Keywords'

Step 3: Connect with product sellers
Once you have discovered matching products, you can click:
1. "Company Info": to view contact information of product sellers.
2. ''Save to My list": Save the product to your interest list and connect with them later.
3. "I WOULD LOVE TO MATCH": to send a matching request to the product seller that you are interested to connect with them.

Step 4: Configure the Matching Proposal
For matching proposal, you can leave a greeting message and introduce yourself to your potential partners. The message will be sent to your partner by email.

To successfully establish a business matching, both of you have to agree on 4 criteria. And you are opted to propose your initial thought on those criteria or just leave it empty. They are:

Bundle Price: The price that sells to customers and for commission calculation purposes.

Commission rate: The proportion of revenue received by your partner.

For example, if your bundle price set to be $100, and the commission rate is 15%.
$15 would belong to you and your partners will receive $85.

Payment Setting: payment options would follow the setting of the event organizer (you).

Delivery Setting: delivery options would follow the original setting of the product seller.

After setting all the criteria and clicking ‘send’, you will receive the below message, meaning you have successfully sent the business matching invitation.

Step 5: Waiting for Your Partner's Response

The proposed matching is shown here, with status as ‘Pending’, meaning the matching company is viewing your invitation.

Your partner is able to amend those matching criteria and send it back to you. I nth is case, the Status would be shown as ‘Amended’. And you can also see a pencil icon on the right, meaning you can click to view the updated proposal.

Step 4: Respond to Matching Proposal

In this stage, you can only either accept or reject the offer that your partners amended.

If you accept the offer, the status would be ‘Active’ and it means the business matching is well created.

Step 5: Manage Your Matching
For managing your matching, please go to "My Matching". You will see two types of lists on your business matching page, which are "Inbound" and "Outbound":

Inbound: Your activity matched with others' products.
Outbound: Your Product matched with others' activity.

You will see different statuses and icons for your inbound matching as product seller:
Status (For inbound only):

Active: The matching is well created and you can be bundled your activity with partner's product.

Inactive: The matching has paused. And it is not allowed to create any bundle with this matching.

Pending: You have proposed a matching. You are waiting for your partner to accept or reject the offer directly, or amend your proposed terms.

Amended: Your partner has amended your proposed matching terms. You can either accept or reject the offer, but not further amend the terms.

For Action Icons:

Pencil icon means you can take action to proceed with the matching steps.

Document icon means you are waiting for the next step, usually means to wait for your partner responding to your business matching offer.

Step 6: Bundle Your Activity With partners' product.
After establishing the business matching, you are able to bundle your activity with partnering products on the "Bundle Setting" session on the left bar

When you select the matched activity, you will find the partnered products respectively as shown below.

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