Mail invokes the SMTP server in a pipeline.

Take a look at the configuration parameter of the component:

  • Account: account to be used by the component.

  • From: set the sender email to be sent by the component.

  • Subject: sets the subject to be sent by the component.

  • Content Type: sets the Content Type and encoding.

  • Template: template body to be used to prepare email templates.

IMPORTANT: to use Mail, you must create a SMTP-type account.

Messages flow


The component waits for a message in the following format:

to : ["",""]
cc : ["",""],
bcc : ["",""],
params: {
// Template body replacement parameters


When there's an error, this is the message shown in the component output:

timestamp: 1503608693745,
code: 999,
message: "error message"

Note that, for some errors, body and header are unavailable.

To read a tutorial on how to use the Mail component, click here.

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